Looking for a Local Commercial Electrical Contractor Near Hurricane, WV?

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Experiencing electrical problems when you’re trying to run a business is not only annoying—it can actually cost your company money. WV Riddle Electrical LLC will make sure your electrical problems are fixed in a timely manner. Our electrician knows that every moment without power is a potential loss of business and will promptly inspect your electrical system to identify the source of your electrical trouble. He’ll quickly fix any damaged or worn components and restore your system in no time.

If your place of business needs a new electrical system or new wiring, our electrical contractor can do that, too! Contact WV Riddle Electrical to learn more.

WV Riddle Electrical services commercial facilities of all types

Hurricane, West Virginia’s WV Riddle Electrical has extensive experience handling electrical work for local businesses. Our electrical contractor can work on:
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Stores
  • Medical facilities
Discuss your company’s electrical needs with our electrician. He’ll provide an effective solution! Call WV Riddle Electrical at 304-419-4030 today.